Noa, a trailblazing wall covering

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Noa is a wall covering by Starwood that breaks all moulds in design. Its innovative use of geometrical interplay brings a singular elegance to all surfaces where it is used, from bedheads to bathroom walls. With a design based on a combination of diamond shapes, Noa can be used in varying settings although it is particularly suited to more contemporary ones.

This type of wall covering draws all eyes, thanks to its modern elegant appeal. Its contemporary design is a perfect reflection of today’s modern world because at Starwood, we always strive to keep at the forefront of the interior design and architectural worlds. One of the characteristics of this style of décor is the use of more innovative layouts. Indeed, this is one of Noa’s strongpoints, since it features two different models that can be laid in different ways to create one type of design or another.

This wall covering can also be used on one single wall and combined with the base model to create a setting with contrasting wall coverings that enrich it with their variety.

Neat subtle lines

A modern look is also a good choice for more simple living spaces with a neat soft design, where anything ornate or over-elaborate is avoided. This is just the kind of setting for Noa, since it makes an impact in itself and so it is best matched with more discrete minimalist furniture in traditional greys, whites or beige.

Noa comes in a 59.6×59.6cm format and it is currently available in Starwood’s 12 colours. Its two different models can be used to create endless diamond shapes, made up of straight lines, because combinations of lines do not have to be chaotic if they are carefully put together to create classy designs. With Noa, the lines run under one another, making a strikingly elegant impact.

Tanzania Almond: a fusion of past and present

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In an emblematic 18th century building on the Mediterranean coast, we find our product. One hundred years after its last renovations, the owner decided to give it a facelift, using the Starwood range. The goal is to turn this house into a boutique hotel.

For this purpose, the Tanzania Almond model was chosen for all the flooring on the second floor. The team in charge of the design project confirmed that this shade was chosen due to “its natural appearance and colour, in addition to the sensation of warmth that it conveys.”

When the flooring was laid, careful attention was paid to “the distance left between the tiles and to the specific coloured grouting needed for this model,” in the words of the design team. The resulting flooring has a discrete uniform appearance that fits in well with other more striking materials. Because Starwood has been matched with the building’s existing vintage cement mosaics, lending the two rooms in this area of the house a sober elegant appeal.

A three-storey building

In total, 100m2 of Tanzania Almond have been used to give this storey a modern facelift. Using a low-maintenance product that is very easy to clean because no specific cleaning methods are required. Now our flooring forms part of this well-known three-storey building, which also boasts a spacious garden with an ancient ficus tree.

The building was last refurbished in 1915, when Arquitectos Arlandiz (a father-and-son team of architects) renovated the building. Making repairs to the structure and changing its layout for use as a home. Cement mosaics were laid in the main rooms and a tower was built onto it as a family dining room.

Why use wood?

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Wood might no longer be the latest innovation in interior design but, in 2018, it will make a strong comeback in the architecture and building sectors. It is no easy task to choose wall and floor coverings for projects, whether they are for a home, hotel or public space. However, Starwood’s ceramic woods offer everything you could possibly need.

Thanks to the technology that we use, our models reproduce the patterns found on real wood to perfection. As well as offering other benefits. A wood appearance is always a guaranteed success because it infuses rooms with a sensation of restful harmony and warmth. Pale colours – the ideal choice for exteriors or summer leisure areas – lend settings an original touch and added sense of spaciousness.

Wood also fits in with any kind of decorative style, with its attractive appearance and pleasant feel, and it can be matched with furniture and colours of all kinds. As you will have seen in previous articles, the Starwood range fits in with industrial, colonial, contemporary or even classic-looking settings. It is just a question of choosing the right shade for each one. In other words, wood is the perfect solution. Whatever your favourite design style and, compared with other materials like cement or stone, it offers all sorts of benefits.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, Starwood boasts a series of properties that make our day-to-day life so much easier:
  • Durability: No matter how many years pass, it will always remain the same.
  • Suitable for all kinds of settings: It can be used both indoors and out.
  • Low on maintenance: Wood-effect porcelain tiles are easy to care for.
  • No absorption of liquids
  • No wear and tear
  • A wide choice of different shades

All this is endorsed by different certificates. Starwood’s visual properties and technical performance are guaranteed through a quality management system certified. As complying with the ISO 9001 standard.  As for the environment, we have also implemented an ISO 14001-certified environmental management system. At Starwood, we love quality design.

Eden: a strikingly attractive choice for floors

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Five décors and 12 different colours. This is the broad variety of combinations that Starwood offers, conceived to fit in with all possible styles. Among them, our Eden wall and floor covering makes a particularly strong impact. With its big herringbone design and 60.2x60x2cm format, Eden is perfect for more spacious settings. It can be used in combination with Starwood’s basic models.

Eden is designed to play a star role wherever it is used, whether indoors or out. Its directional pattern brings a sense of positive energy to rooms because its shape urges you forward, encouraging you to advance, progress and excel. When it is used on the entire floor, it also creates a subtle relief effect.

Herringbone patterns

At Starwood, we are risk-takers. We like to innovate and set new trends. With Eden, we have managed to do all three, because this design will astonish everyone. Herringbone patterns might have been used for years, but we have added our own personal touch. How? By coming up with the perfect angle so as to avoid a herringbone shape that is too small and hence repetitive and dull on floors or one that is too big and vulgar looking.

Eden also evokes all the very essence of Starwood: the beauty of wood, with all the veins and knots typical of trees on each model. Eden comes in Starwood’s 12 different colours, although its darker ones, like Nebraska Coffee or Minnesota Moka, cause a particularly bold impression. Even so, Eden Tanzania Almond and Eden Minnesota Ash also exude the same exclusive quality, modern directional effect, and authentic wood appeal.

Minnesota Cream for Public Spaces

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Starwood is a product that looks good in bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and even kitchens. In short, it is perfect for any room in the home. It is also an unparalleled choice for places subject to high pedestrian traffic, for two reasons. Firstly, thanks to its properties, it remains totally unaltered despite the passing of time. Starwood conserves its appearance and wood texture over the course of the years. Its high quality, hardness and resistance allow it to withstand pedestrian traffic, heavy furniture, knocks and accidents due to falling objects, all of which are common in hotels, offices or restaurants.

Secondly, because it is low on maintenance, everyday cleaning is swift and simple. Starwood has a high resistance to chemical cleaning products and its low porosity prevents any damaging substances in them from being absorbed. This makes it perfect for use in public spaces where more dirt will always build up.

Shops, hotels or restaurants

What is the best shade of colour for a restaurant or store? Any of Starwood’s designs can fit in with clients’ required style or type of décor. For instance, Vancouver Dark is perfect for creating sober stylish settings, both in combination with contrasting pale or dark furniture.

Having said that, we particularly advocate the use of Minnesota Cream for public spaces generally. In both daylight and artificial lighting, this cream-coloured model brings an attractive gold sheen to rooms. This makes it a brilliant choice for hotel dining rooms or restaurants, since it can fit in with almost all decorative styles and types of furniture. With its yellowish-red shades, it brings added spaciousness to rooms, generating a warm restful atmosphere and traditional somehow familiar feel.

Minnesota Cream can also be used on walls and even combined with one of the four décors on a wall to add a modern touch that avoids too much uniformity. And do not forget that Minnesota Cream is also a good solution for private homes.




Tradition & High-Performance Properties at Casa Cofiño

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In a small town in Cantabria called Caviedes (Spain), there is a family business founded over half a century ago. Casa Cofiño Bar & Restaurant is a local institution. Traditional interiors that still conserve some of the original furniture and a rustic flavour achieved by the stone that clads its walls. However, just two months ago, its owners decided to refurbish the premises. They choose Starwood for the flooring.

Our flooring offers Casa Cofiño the benefit of high-performance properties (quality, easy care etc.), without relinquishing the eatery’s characteristic style. Thanks to a design project by Paula Andrés architecture and interior design studio and the Nebraska Tea model, Casa Cofiño now has a revamped new image. This tile model was used to cover about 150 m2 of the floor areas, combined with 8 m2 of Ice Nebraska Tea, while the walls of the toilets were clad in 6 m2 of the décor Noa in the same shade of colour.

Nebraska Tea

The Nebraska Tea model “was used because it has a rustic appearance. With a subtle pattern and prominent knots, in keeping with Casa Cofiño’s traditional style,” Paula Andrés told us. As for the walls of the toilets, Noa was chosen “in order to unify the style throughout and give the toilets a warm, elegant, textured look.” Indeed, Noa is a bold modern choice. But its wood appearance always ensures a touch of warmth.

The architecture and interior design studio in charge of the project was introduced to Starwood at our Santander showroom.  In the words of Paula Andrés “it struck me as an excellent quality product to use in my projects”. The range also features a non-slip version without the usual rough surface, making it easier to clean places subject to public use.

With this project, the little restaurant and bar has maintained its original character, with a museum-like bar area and updated dining rooms. Casa Cofiño also features a shop where the townsfolk can buy food, fabrics and ironmonger’s goods.

Minnesota Camel: A neutral colour for a classic look

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Some fashions never lose their appeal, while others make a comeback years later. This is the case of classic or colonial looks in interior design. Many people still opt for more sober looking furniture – albeit with slightly different subtle nuances than before -, in darker shades of colour, combined with big fabrics.

This mix of a classic look with certain modern touches is what is known as colonial design. Perfect for more spacious settings where large ornate pieces of furniture can be used or where there are mouldings on the ceiling and walls. One essential feature of this kind of look is wood. Either on the walls, floor or as shelving, to cite a few possibilities, so as to ensure a warm feel.

Starwood is a practical convenient solution on walls and floors. Because our wood combines all the properties of ceramic tiles, it is not affected by the wear and tear synonymous with the passage of time. Thus thanks to Starwood’s versatility, it is also a perfect solution for those in search of a more classic look.

A natural shade of colour

Within the Starwood range, Minnesota Camel fits in beautifully with this kind of style. Since its pale colour contrasts well with accessories and features in typical colonial browns or greys. Minnesota Camel is a stylish natural-looking colour with a restful timeless beauty. When used to revamp walls and floors, it is always a guaranteed success. What is more, Minnesota Camel can easily be combined with a wide variety of different decorative features.

This is a model that fits in perfectly with classic or colonial styles. Classic looks are never boring, given the capacity they offer for combining bygone charm with cutting-edge innovations. This is case of Starwood, thanks to its innovative, modern, top-quality benefits. Despite all the above, never forget how versatile this model is, because it is also a brilliant choice for more minimalist or modern settings, among others.

Outdoor Finish: the ideal choice for terraces and swimming pools

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Our product fits in perfectly with any room in the home: bedrooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens…but what’s more, it is also a great choice for outdoor areas. Our Outdoor finish has been designed for installation in courtyards, swimming pools and terraces, thereby creating a sense of the continuation of the home itself.

Starwood offers all the characteristics necessary to remain unaffected by  rain, snow, hail and extreme humidity… types of weather that can occur anywhere and that any terrace needs to be able to withstand. We are therefore able to guarantee quality and perfect condition despite adverse conditions.

Furthermore, our Outdoor finish models feature an innovative and exclusive non-slip system. So Starwood is an ideal option for use as swimming pool flooring. They offer excellent safety guarantees and contribute to preventing problems and falls caused by slipping.

However, we were also eager to ensure that there would be no noticeable difference between the standard and Outdoor finishes. In order to ensure a sense of continuity between interiors and exteriors that architects and interior designers are so keen to create in their projects. Intense research efforts in the labs eventually enabled us to create a single flooring product suitable for installation both indoors and in adjoining outdoor area. Then, there isn’t any noticeable differences in the material.

The state-of-the-art technologies used in the development of our Outdoor finish allows for the production of outdoor pieces in colours that are similar to those of the indoor finishes. This version is available in all 12 colour shades, making for practical outdoor spaces.

Easy maintenance

Practical spaces due to the fact that Starwood is not heavy maintenance and is very easy to clean. Even though outdoor settings require more attention as they are in contact with dust, humidity and water, etc

All in all, Starwood is ideal for use in spaces where natural wood is not an option due to the fact that it would quickly deteriorate.  Indeed, the main advantage of our product is precisely its durability. In keeping with our ‘eternal craft’ slogan, over the years this material is guaranteed to remain intact.

Tanzania Nut: Neutral tones and countless combinations

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The Tanzania Nut model is one of Starwood’s more neutral tones, allowing for countless combinations.  Almost as if it comes straight from the tree, this range mirrors arid, dehydrated shades, whilst at the same time adding the gloss and elegance for which our product is renowned.

Compared with bolder tones such as Minnesota Moka or Vancouver Dark, this material could be considered more subtle in character. However, it boasts an elegance and personality all of its own.  Tanzania Nut epitomises the philosophy that ‘Less is sometimes more’. In effect, neutral tones such as this can also contribute to creating truly amazing settings.

Mixing and matching:

This design is ideal for use with other materials or furniture in both darker and lighter colour schemes.In the former case, we recommend its use in large rooms. The contrasting effect will be sharper and will reduce the sense of size.

In the latter case, combining neutral tones with lighter shades makes a space appear larger, flooding it with light. A perfect solution for small spaces holding numerous items of furniture.

In either case, this model adapts perfectly to contemporary styles featuring furniture designed on horizontal lines, areas with large picture windows and flat roofs with straight angles.

A style that is also characterised by a no-fuss minimalist use of décor and decorative objects, as well as in the overall design. The resulting spaces reflect a sense of weightlessness and freshness thanks to the furniture raised slightly off the floor. The effect is a perfect match every time, especially with chairs and tables, etc.… items that do not stand entirely on the flooring. Here at Starwood we are passionate about design and décor, which is why we create colour shades to suit all styles and tastes in interior design.

Minnesota Honey, at the heart of Santander’s construction industry

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Calle Lealtad, a street in the capital of Cantabria autonomous community, is home to one of Santander’s oldest construction and real estate companies:  Cobo Mantecón. This company has been operating since 1965, providing services based on a philosophy of quality and excellence. Characteristics that have ensured a consolidated market position, enabling the company to operate from two premises.

In order to continue expanding and offering its customers the very best service, just over three months ago the company decided to revamp its offices. The versatility Starwood offers was the reason behind the construction company’s decision to use our material for the entire façade. It must be remembered that despite its wood effect and texture, our product’s ceramic features make it suitable for interior and exterior installation. Indeed, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures, as well as rain and humidity. This characteristic is essential in a city like Santander that is known for its fairly wet climate.

Cobo Mantecón opted for the Minnesota Honey model after previously discovering it at Santander Cerámica showrooms. A design that lends an air of modernity to any space and is guaranteed to create an impact. Indeed a walk along the street reveals that the company’s offices boast one of the most striking façades.

Irregular distribution

The irregular layout of the pieces is one of the most outstanding features of this wall. There is no structured arrangement for the joints between the tiles, although, the overall effect is completely harmonious.

The Minnesota Honey  tone was the unanimous choice of the entire staff. It’s ideal contrast with the company’s sign and logo in shades of white. Everyone agreed that that combination of soft brown tones shows off to perfection the knots and veins featured on every piece.