Starwood makes its début in the French capital during the Paris Design Week

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The world’s most popular tourist destination, the city of light and the capital of a country with one of the planet’s leading economies: this is the latest venue for the presentation of the Starwood range. Yesterday, on September 7th, a magnificent launch was held at our emblematic store in the centre of Paris to offer over 400 well-known architects, designers and interior architects a presentation of our history and bid to produce a product that encapsulates all the beauty of fine wood.

The showroom was decorated in the range’s different shades to show the guests the differences between them and potential contrasts that can be achieved by combining them. On the main floor, Tanzania Taupe field tiles were used as flooring and the Ice décor for the main table to make an impact on everyone as they entered.

To create contrasts, display panels were also added featuring the Moka Minnesota model and different décors. Ice’s parallel lines, Desert’s surface and Eden’s herringbone design impressed all the guests, because Starwood looks and feels just like real wood. To round it all off, Noa was used as a wall covering at the end of the showroom in a shade of Minnesota Ash.

Several of Starwood’s models can be used on both walls and floors to create unique stylish settings with an attractive warm wood appearance.

Warm restful settings

For the ground floor, Tanzania Almond was used as flooring throughout to create a warm, spacious feel. There were also display panels featuring all the available wood shades so that the guests could compare them.

Thanks to all those present at the event, the presentation turned into a get-together and opportunity to exchange ideas while sipping one of the cocktails that had been mixed for the occasion. There was live music to provide entertainment at an event aimed at presenting Starwood to our most faithful clients and to leading professionals in the Paris area so that those in search of a carefully crafted product conspicuous for its timeless beauty can now incorporate it in their projects.

The date of the event was carefully chosen to coincide with the Paris Design Week, an opportunity that we could not miss out on to showcase a product that symbolizes the innovation, technology, quality and elegance that we strive to achieve, because Starwood is also synonymous with design.

How to keep your Starwood flooring in pristine condition

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The condition of your flooring says a lot about you and your home. At STARWOOD we use all the most innovative advances to produce flooring that is both hard-wearing and easy to clean, and which can be kept in perfect condition despite the passage of time. Our flooring is also tough, waterproof and non-porous to resist the absorption of potential stains or imperfections.


Maintenance is very simple. Regular cleaning by washing with water or a mild detergent solution is enough to bring the flooring or wall tiles back to their original state. Don’t forget to pay attention to cleaning the grouting, which is the most sensitive part.

Here are our six tips for keeping your floors and walls in a perfect condition:

  1. Do not use acidic products on recently laid floors because the acid reacts with non-cured cement and can damage the grouting. For this reason, we recommend you use non-abrasive, neutral products.
  2. Wash the surfaces or flooring with water to dilute the cleaning product and avoid the possible absorption of chemical agents. Rinse thoroughly afterwards to remove any chemical residue that might damage the grouting material.
  3. Avoid abrasions, scratches, knocks or any products that might scratch or damage the walls or flooring. Try to avoid causing impacts from falling objects; put felt pads on the bottom of furniture that comes into contact with the floor, and prevent sand and gravel from getting into the house.
  4. Bear in mind the characteristics and specifications of the flooring as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Avoid the appearance of stains by applying a waterproofing or protective product for non-porous surfaces.
  6. Whenever you are going to use a special cleaning or maintenance product, we recommend you do a patch test on a less visible part of the surface to make sure the product is not abrasive or damaging.

By following these tips you can keep your Starwood floors and walls as pristine as the day they were laid, and enjoy them in perfect condition for many years to come.


Tanzania Wine

Tanzania Wine, on a par with high-end shoe design

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The versatility and wide tonal range of our Starwood product make it the ideal complement for any space. From exteriors to interiors, from housing to office spaces… Indeed, the architectural, interior design and corporate interior decoration and furnishing studio Pablo Muñoz Payá has chosen our collection to achieve a warm working environment in the offices of Stefanie Shoes in Elda (Alicante).
This up-market footwear design company was determined to install equally high-end flooring, and Tanzania Wine with the Noa decorative effect (in 59.6 x 59.6 cm tiles) met their expectations. Combining left-hand and right-hand models on the front wall has created a geometric pattern that brings a sense of warmth, clarity and organisation to the offices, the perfect foil for a working area.

The original idea of this project was to combine a utilitarian approach with craftsmanship, imagination and innovation. Our model fulfilled these objectives thanks also to the synthesis of the flooring and the furniture. The light tones offer an elegant contrast with the Wine range of our design, putting an even greater emphasis on this frontal area.

The Pablo Muñoz Payá studio has told us they are delighted with the result: ‘A wood effect, a realistic finish and a stylish colour dressing the main wall, which you see the moment you enter the office… Your product melded perfectly with our requirements.’ The fact is that these professionals ‘use materials distilled to their purest essence, expressed with the utmost care, to achieve a sensation of comfort that gratifies both body and spirit.’

The Tanzania Wine model features all the characteristics this project required, because the decor envelops you thanks to its innovation and modernity, while the colour, with its wine-based tones and violet glints, immerses you in a more traditional, everyday ambience.

Nebraska Coffee: deep, elegant colours

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Nebraska Coffee features flooring in classic colours with deep neutral tones that transport us from exotic settings such as the Amazon jungles of Brazil to the more relaxed environs of the Nordic fiords.

This range of flooring features a wide variety of intense, saturated highlights that give the sensation of being in direct contact with nature in its purest state.

Its neutral colours are very useful when it comes to solving the transition from light to dark shades or mitigating the intensity of an overly colourful room. For this reason, this pattern is also ideal for using as a baseboard. The colours harmonise with dégradé toasted tones to add warmth to the flooring. The graining forms fine, shallow lines that are strongly juxtaposed, giving an organic, rustic appearance like timber from Nebraskan forests.

Nebraska Coffee is ideal for large areas with plenty of natural light. This type of flooring would be perfect for a restaurant or hotel lobby. It can also be installed in rooms used for everyday life such as a large terrace, dining room or lounge as it imbues the room with a sophisticated, relaxed and elegant style. It can be combined with large pieces of furniture and accessories in every colour as this flooring harmonises very well with a wide range of vivid, deep colours. A good tip is to use it with French-inspired interior décor to give a refined, elegant touch; or in a pop art style room with bold notes of fresh, vibrant colour.

To add texture to the room, the Combinations range offers some very attractive appliqués. To maximise the elegance of Nebraska Coffee, Noa Combinations is a more modern, geometric line while Ice Combinations is more sophisticated and classic.

STARWOOD strives constantly to produce materials that not only withstand the weather but also the wear and tear of everyday life in the home. They do not fade in sunlight and thus can be installed in both interiors and exteriors. The possibilities are infinite. The only limit is your imagination.

Minnesota Ash, the fragrance of thousand-year-old ash

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Minnesota Ash presents a range of flooring in antique grey and thousand-year-old ash tones which evokes the Viking runes of Nordic fiords. It transports us to those ancestral times when ash and fire dominated the world.

This ash grey blends equally well with monochrome tones and the boldest of colour combinations. Combined with light, neutral shades, Minnesota Ash flooring adds luminosity and brings a sense of space and calm. Consequently it is ideal for narrow rooms, such as passageways or exterior galleries, or rooms in which peace and quiet are important, such as bedrooms and studios.

In short, this design from Starwood manages to unite all kinds of elements, forms and colours thanks to its harmonious effect. It is suitable for any style, from traditional to contemporary.


How to combine it

Our advice is to go for styles that combine traditional elements with avant-garde features; the Bohemian or Boho Chic look – also known as Gypsy – is a really on-trend style that uses natural elements, or another option is an industrial or loft theme that features traditional elements from the old New York industrial warehouses of the 1950s. Another infallible classic is the nautical style, as apart from evoking the sea the tones of Minnesota Ash meld perfectly with the deep blues and pristine whites of the Navy look.

To bring added texture, ICE Combinations maximises the sense of spaciousness and warmth that this tone brings, with its streamlined strips. Along with the ash colour it helps to increase luminosity throughout the entire room.

STARWOOD once again offers an innovative and exclusive product without relinquishing practicality, as we guarantee that all our designs withstand everyday use and the passage of time.

Tanzania Taupe, a soothing desert mist

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With tones midway between grey and brown, taupe dissipates into the dusty mist and haze of the desert. It transports us back to the adventures of Thomas Edward Lawrence, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, the legendary English archaeologist, and writer who plied the deserts of the Middle East.

These neutral tones offer the perfect backdrop of subtle colour with an accent for lovers of traditional styles and welcoming ambiences. The use of a variety of matt tones plays with a dégradé effect. In addition, the wide graining forms irregular shapes and gives a rustic look that enhances the feeling of cosiness and tranquillity. With its broad colour palette of browns and greys, this flooring offers the ideal counterpart to furniture and curtains in purples, yellows and creams.

Tanzania Taupe can be used in both interiors and exteriors as it is made from fireproof, non-slip materials that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. A good tip is to combine it with decorative elements that feature gold and pastel colours. With its neutral base it can be used with furniture in darker tones to give the room more personality.

Another option to achieve that balance between personality and tradition is to use the textures offered by the Combinations collection. Eden Combinations evokes the traditions of those old Tuscan villages among the vineyards, where time moves more slowly and vintage and leather furniture comes to the fore. Meanwhile, the Desert Combinations line puts a greater emphasis on sand and dust shades, which are perfect for combining with more colourful styles.

At STARWOOD we take the utmost care over our flooring designs and we are constantly innovating to bring you materials that withstand everyday use and the passing of time. And with the Combinations collection we have added the ideal touch of texture that brings any surface to life. We adapt to your home.

The characteristics of high-quality flooring

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Every material is different, and every craftsman has their own technique and working method. At STARWOOD, we meld the know-how of artisans with the most cutting-edge techniques in search of a balance between tradition and innovation.

As a result of this close connection with the raw materials, STARWOOD has broken the mould with some revolutionary flooring that offers all the advantages of wood, such as its warm and comfortable feeling underfoot. Our flooring is capable of adapting to all kinds of environments and needs.

Eden Minnesota Moka

 Why choose STARWOOD flooring?

  • Fire and water resistant: It can be installed in any space, either interior or exterior. In addition, the material is fireproof and can be used in kitchens without the risk of fire.
  • Sustainable material: We work with environmentally sustainable materials and production processes. We want to preserve our legacy so it can be passed on to future generations.
  • A thermal sensation that is both warm and cool: The nature of the material gives that fresh feeling that is so sought-after in the hotter months, controlling the room temperature in summer. It also allows the installation of radiant central heating to fill the room with warmth. Consequently, it offers the wellbeing you’re looking for all year round.
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting: We have adapted the inherent technology and toughness of the materials to provide flooring that is capable of withstanding day-to-day use. Its toughness means it can be used in areas with constant pedestrian traffic such as hotels, stores, and restaurants. It is also resistant to knocks and accidents from falling objects.
  • Unchangeable in sunlight: The surface of the flooring can withstand sunlight without any discoloration or changes in the original tones.
  • Easy to clean: Its composition makes it highly resistant to chemical cleaning agents and its low porosity prevents the absorption of damaging agents in cleaning products.
  • Low maintenance: The flooring does not need any specific maintenance product or any treatment after installation.
  • Non-slip: Thanks to the wood graining the flooring has a natural, comfortable feel which also prevents the risk of slipping. For this reason, we recommend its installation in rooms with a lot of traffic.
  • Rectified: The design of the edges of each piece improves their aesthetic and dimensional features. It also makes installation more practical and convenient.

Tanzania Taupe

  • Textured: We work with natural, organic flooring full of grains and knots. With the Combinations collection, we have gone one step further: we have used linear and geometric shapes that bring breadth and texture to the flooring.
  • Personality: Our product range is extremely versatile and can be adapted to the style of your home. We use a broad colour spectrum with a wealth of tones to create warm ambiences with unique products that imbue your surfaces with light and personality.

At STARWOOD, we believe that the quality of a product is rooted in its characteristics. We aim to take our passion for our work even further, to the stars!

Vancouver Dark, up-to-the minute elegance

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Elegance and modernity, with flashes of ebony imbued with serenity and calm.

Vancouver Dark is a deep-coloured flooring in a palette of greys with clear graining that creates a delightful contrast.

It evokes velvety nights that extend their dark blanket to veil objects and shapes, leaving a sense of peace and mindfulness. An excellent light-absorber, this flooring is ideal for spacious, light-filled spaces. When combined with white, it exudes a Zen effect that endows any room with distinction and character.

The flooring has irregular graining full of shapes and knots that are enhanced by the ash grey tones, giving the whole space a natural feel. The use of a variety of matt tones plays with a dégradé effect. The new ICE COMBINATIONS range has a more modern, updated style with an effect of endless, perfectly melded stripes.

Vancouver Dark blends perfectly in both interiors and exteriors, especially spacious, light-filled spaces such as terraces, kitchens and living rooms. It has been designed for rooms that seek a sense of tranquillity and seclusion, but most importantly in which the concept of practicality is paramount.

A good tip is to combine it with white furniture, adding a bright and luminous contrast to the darker tones of the Starwood product.

The combination of Vancouver Dark with touches of Scandi style so typical of Nordic regions, where brights and whites predominate, is the perfect fusion. The lighter tones bring luminosity, serenity and above all an on-trend touch to your rooms.

STARWOOD takes the utmost care over flooring designs and we are constantly innovating to bring you materials that are resistant to everyday use and domestic mishaps. Vancouver Dark is fireproof and cannot ignite; furthermore it is highly resistant to water. We hope our product will be with you at every stage of your life, withstanding the passage of time and adapting to your home and your life.

25 x 150 cm – 9 7/8” x 59”


Nebraska Tea, soothing ambiences of vivid colours

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Nebraska Tea consists of flooring in shades of brown that evoke floral fragrances with flashes of amber mountain honey. It is reminiscent of that late afternoon sunlight at around 5.00 pm – the time for afternoon tea. This is a moment of reflection and tranquillity, of engaging in pleasant conversation in good company while sipping a delicious cup of tea.

Wide tonality of earth colours

It features a blend of ochres and natural sienna browns. An extensive palette of earthy colours that magnify its natural aesthetic. Toasted tones blend with these colours to bring added warmth and tradition to the flooring. The use of a variety of matt tones plays with a dégradé effect. In addition, the graining produces irregular shapes which, together with the knots, evoke a rustic aesthetic reminiscent of woodsmen’s cabins in the forests of Nebraska.

Nebraska Tea is ideal for both interiors and exteriors, especially in areas with a lot of traffic such as hallways, corridors, galleries and living rooms. The Nebraska Tea range is designed for relaxed rooms with traditional touches. A good tip is to combine it with a rustic interior design style, with vintage furniture and an ‘English country house’ look. It also goes beautifully with furniture and accessories in all kinds of tones, as this flooring provides an excellent foil for a wide range of deep or vivid colours.

STARWOOD puts a premium on flooring design and we are constantly innovating to offer materials that are more resistant to both water and wear-and-tear, ideal for everyday use in the home. We aspire to be a constant feature of your home and your life over the years.


Starwood conquers Milan

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We travelled around 1,000 kilometers from our head office to the centre of one of the world’s most well-known cities; a city with the greatest artistic heritage in Italy and in Europe: Milan. We wanted to bring our quality, our innovation and our elegance to this city, so yesterday we invited more than two hundred trade professionals to our showroom to give them an idea of what Starwood is all about.

Before the event, right at the entrance to the store—on the first floor—we set up a Starwood zone with vertical screens and other décor that invited the audience to completely immerse themselves in the experience. Our product takes the finest wood and transforms it into something eternal, and this is what we wanted to convey by means of a show created by technology, a speaker and a display of our pieces with the idea of people not just viewing but also touching the material. We should remember that it not only deceives the eye but also the sense of touch, since more than 4,000 different textures were studied before deciding on the final one.

The conquest, in pictures

Everyone was delighted with the experience, after which, over drinks and snacks, numerous conversations took place among sector professionals such as architects, decorators, and interior designers while learning about the origins of Starwood.

This was a very challenging task, but last night we closed the doors on the Milan showroom with a great sense of pride, because once again our product made its mark.

Today the showroom is open as normal, but with an added value: Starwood is now a familiar brand name and can start forming part of Italian interior design and architectural projects.