Minnesota Honey, at the heart of Santander’s construction industry

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Calle Lealtad, a street in the capital of Cantabria autonomous community, is home to one of Santander’s oldest construction and real estate companies:  Cobo Mantecón. This company has been operating since 1965, providing services based on a philosophy of quality and excellence. Characteristics that have ensured a consolidated market position, enabling the company to operate from two premises.

In order to continue expanding and offering its customers the very best service, just over three months ago the company decided to revamp its offices. The versatility Starwood offers was the reason behind the construction company’s decision to use our material for the entire façade. It must be remembered that despite its wood effect and texture, our product’s ceramic features make it suitable for interior and exterior installation. Indeed, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures, as well as rain and humidity. This characteristic is essential in a city like Santander that is known for its fairly wet climate.

Cobo Mantecón opted for the Minnesota Honey model after previously discovering it at Santander Cerámica showrooms. A design that lends an air of modernity to any space and is guaranteed to create an impact. Indeed a walk along the street reveals that the company’s offices boast one of the most striking façades.

Irregular distribution

The irregular layout of the pieces is one of the most outstanding features of this wall. There is no structured arrangement for the joints between the tiles, although, the overall effect is completely harmonious.

The Minnesota Honey  tone was the unanimous choice of the entire staff. It’s ideal contrast with the company’s sign and logo in shades of white. Everyone agreed that that combination of soft brown tones shows off to perfection the knots and veins featured on every piece.

Starwood comes to Malaga for the Simed Exhibition

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We are continuing to tour countries and cities as part of our strategy to raise awareness of our brand. After completing our international route, we are now in Malaga. We present our product at Simed (the Mediterranean Real Estate Exhibition). This event is a major showcase for Starwood as it attracts almost a hundred construction and real estate companies, as well as financial institutions. In all, a total of 70 exhibitors take part.

For the Starwood space we have chosen a bedroom featuring Maia Tanzania Almond wall coverings in a 33.3×100 cm format. Following its official presentation at the Cersaie trade fair, this is the first time we have exhibited the Maia décor.  The aim is to present our latest innovations, whilst at the same time showcasing one of our most eye-catching wall coverings. The bedhead, made from our wood, is guaranteed to get heads turning. Whilst our Tanzania Almond 25×150 cm floor coverings add the perfect finishing touch.

The result is a harmonious use of colour throughout the stand; the perfect complement for Maia, a design featuring all the character this setting requires.

Thousands of visitors

This is the setting that visitors will be able to admire at the three day event, which is estimated to attract more than 3,000 sector professionals as well as the general public. The official opening of the exhibition took place this morning, and it will remain open until late Sunday evening. Once again, Malaga’s Exhibition and Convention Centre is the chosen venue.

We are proud to continue to share all our latest Starwood innovations with architects, interior designers, decorators and the general public. Indeed, wherever we go, our material is always highly acclaimed for its quality and multiple combinations. Both in terms of the number of tones (12) and the choice of up to four wall décors.

It is precisely for this reason that we have returned to Malaga to take part in the thirteenth edition of Simed. In order to continue raising awareness of our exceptional standards of quality and our Eternal Craft.


Bathrooms as exclusive living spaces

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Bathrooms are no longer regarded as being a less important part of the home or as places that are simply taboo. Nowadays we seek to create comfortable practical bathrooms, without overlooking their potential for stylish elegance. Bathrooms have become spacious relaxing sanctuaries because increasing importance is lent to this area of the home.

Starwood also fits in with this new concept of a bathroom thanks to its properties:  it is resistant to water and places with high moisture levels. This makes it easily able to withstand the passage of time and the daily impact of the drops of soapy water found in showers, with Starwood’s surface remaining completely unchanged.

Bathrooms are no longer irreconcilable with home design or with stylish elegance. Starwood once again meets this need by contributing to the creation of bathrooms with a unique modern appeal. All our wall décors can be used to infuse rooms with added personality. For instance, our Noa or innovative Maia décors, in paler colours like Minnesota Ash, are perfect for bringing a chic restful look to this area of the home when combined with pale-coloured furniture.

Colour combinations:

If, on the other hand, you have a big bathroom and wish to draw attention to a certain part of it, slightly darker colours, like Minnesota Moka, are better. This colour can be combined with another paler one, such as Minnesota Camel, to create eye-catching contrasts.

Starwood can also be laid as flooring to achieve a dual purpose: to bring continuity to bathrooms since it can be used on all surfaces and to lend all living spaces in the home a uniform look. One of the benefits of Starwood that most architects and interior designers appreciate is the potential it offers to be used throughout the whole home, giving it a spacious coordinated appearance.

Once again, Starwood can bring any living space to life and once again, Starwood spearheads new trends, offering a solution to consumer requirements.


Starwood, nominated for the Best of Year Award

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Quality, innovation and exclusive appeal. These are the three key values which we always strive to achieve so that Starwood is synonymous with excellence. They are also the three hallmarks that customers identify with Starwood when they get to know it. To demonstrate that this is no hollow claim, Interior Design – the prestigious United States magazine – has entered Starwood (known as Seedwood in the USA) in the Best of Year Awards.

The awards have become a reference point for the architectural and design worlds and for manufacturers worldwide, as is the case of Porcelanosa Grupo. They seek to honour the year’s stellar projects in three different categories, and Starwood could well be named 2017’s most innovative wall and floor covering. After examining thousands of proposals, Interior Design  has singled it out for entry in the ‘Flooring: Tiles & Stone’ category of the awards.


Its inclusion in the awards is a tribute to Starwood’s eight-month existence and constant efforts to innovate and offer consumers quality second to none. One good example is the recent launch of the new wall décor, Maia, which features a small herringbone relief pattern, conceived to lend character to rooms.

With this nomination, all the groundwork that went into developing Starwood has also been acknowledged, including visits to a total of 26 different countries over a period of eight months in order to study thousands of sections of tree trunks and their textures.

All these painstaking efforts and over 20,000 hours of design and development in our laboratories led to creation of Starwood’s different shades of colour and to the décors in the range.

The prize-giving ceremony will be held in New York next December at a gala ceremony that is expected to be attended by some 1,000 guests, as with former years. The event is a must for all the country’s top architects, designers and interior architects.

Tanzania Wine: resistant top-quality woods

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Tanzania Wine is one of the most audacious of the 12 colours in the Starwood range. It combines a subtle violet gleam with a fine wood design synonymous with tropical timber from trees felled during the winter’s waning moon. With its wine-like shade of colour and touch of orange peel, Tanzania Wine is a bold striking choice, suitable for use both indoors and out in a range of different settings.

By using the same shade of colour on walls and floors, settings with an innovative modern appeal can be achieved.

How to combine it:

This model from the Starwood range is perfect for more spacious settings with plenty of natural light.  Thanks to the clarity of its wine-like hues, when light falls on its surface, highly luminous settings can be created.

Tanzania Wine is best used on both wall and floor surfaces to achieve a coordinated uniform appearance. If one of our four wall décors is chosen (Noah, Desert, Ice or Maia) for one of the walls, ideally it should be combined with other slightly darker materials on the other walls to generate a certain uniformity and subtle contrast.

Tanzania Wine fits in perfectly with the Hygge design trend, also known as Scandinavian design, conspicuous for its functionality and minimalism, with furniture that stands out for its basic modern appearance. With their gentle outlines, these basic components infuse settings with warmth and comfort.

That is why Tanzania Wine should be combined with pale-coloured furniture in colours like white, grey or earthy shades to achieve a subtle contrast, without diverting too much attention from the wall or floor surfaces.

Hygge has also become synonymous with a lifestyle focused on a search for wellbeing. As a result, people who go in for this kind of look tend to have living spaces that reflect their interests through items like books or a guitar.

Maia: Starwood’s latest décor

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At Starwood, we have always stood out for our keen bid to innovate. Meticulous attention is also paid to even the finest of details and this is what we wished to get across with our latest décor, Maia.

Its name has symbolic connotations. Maia is the third most brilliant star in the Pleiades open star cluster, in Roman mythology her counterpart is the goddess Fauna, and Maia is also a song in praise of the triumph of spring. Starwood and its décors wish to evoke all this in a carefully crafted accolade to nature in its purest of states.

Maia was designed with one goal in mind: to dazzle everyone. Its small herringbone motif shines out, drawing all eyes wherever it is used. The décor’s beauty and stylish elegance bring a touch of personality to settings, where it fits in easily with a wide variety of other wall and floor materials. In combination with more sober-looking wall coverings, it adds a distinctive character to surfaces.

Official presentation

This latest décor by Starwood was presented at one of the tile sector’s top international event, Cersaie 2017, wowing thousands of visitors to our stand. Once again, we have managed to create a product that not only looks like wood but also reproduces its texture.

During the tile show, visitors could also get to know the latest commercial for our products, with its brief tribute to Japanese culture and the art of the bonsai: one of the philosophies behind the design of our products.

The décor comes in all Starwood’s 12 different colours, demonstrating that it can be used in places as wide-ranging as cloakrooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. The same is true of our other décors: Noa, Ice, Desert and the floor décor, Eden.

Minnesota Moka: between sensitivity and exoticism

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The Minnesota Moka model by Starwood brings us a highly evocative flooring option, featuring hues in steaming coffee tones and shades of black that are reminiscent of nights when the new moon is out. It leaves a flavour of bitter caramel that sets our pulse racing and shakes us out of our lethargy.  A coffee flavour that is the ideal companion for poems, literature and terraces from which to lament lost loves.

A tone that makes its mark, characterised by deep irregular veining.  Featuring an extensive palette of black and caramel colours, it conveys a sense of reassurance, sensitivity and exoticism to any room. In this way, it is ideal choice for large spaces. Such as sitting rooms, or even business settings like hotel lobbies or restaurants.

Minnesota Moka is perfect for generating comforting sensations combined with a touch of the exotic. Suitable for any style – traditional or modern – but always adding its own powerful personality and presence to any room.

How to incorporate it:

A handy tip is to use it in well-lit rooms, as this type of flooring looks great in the light. Indeed, the right lighting will also bring out the full beauty of those steaming coffee and caramel hues that add a hint of the exotic. Ethnic African looks or Southeast Asian styles from countries such as Thailand make for eye-catching combinations.  In line with the latest trends in interior décor, the deep colours of the flooring paired with materials such as glass or wrought iron add intriguing touches. Go all out with brightly-coloured cushions, wallpaper and imposing large-leaf plants.

For added texture, choose the Desert or Eden to boost the overall sensation of exoticism and sensitivity. In the case of Eden, this is achieved thanks to the herringbone pattern. However, the Desert collection features small squares that create a textured surface.

Here at STARWOOD we love our flooring designs and work to innovate with materials that are resistant to everyday wear. Minnesota Moka is resistant to fire and water. Moreover, it will withstand use in high traffic areas. Our aim is for our products to accompany you throughout your lifetime, overcoming the passing of time.

Latest stop: Amsterdam

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We continue on our international journey in a bid to reach every single corner of the world so that everyone can get to know Starwood and we can help to improve your day-to-day life. With Starwood, new heights have been reached in quality and exclusive luxury, combined with a wood appearance and texture so popular among clients and the convenience and low maintenance that comes with ceramic tiles, ensuring durability and an easy-to-clean surface.


Over one hundred guests

All this is what we demonstrated yesterday at an event held at our Amsterdam showroom, with guests made up of over one hundred architects, designers and interior architects, all of whom were simply amazed by Starwood. Different opinions could be heard: some liked the paler colours better and others the darker ones, but they all agreed that any of them would be perfect for dressing up the walls and floors of bedrooms, dining rooms, halls and terraces.

The wide choice of décors also made a big impact on everyone. Some liked Noa and the potential it offers for creating geometrical designs, while others particularly liked Ice and the neat purity of its parallel lines. The Desert and Eden models, on a display unit where they could be looked at and touched, also sparked off a myriad of sensations at a presentation where we wowed guests with the Starwood experience, explaining our origins and approach to our work.

Starwood’s internationalization

Models from the Starwood range can now be found in a multitude of different design projects, following launches in over 26 countries where over 4,000 of its textures could be seen. As from yesterday, professionals from the worlds of architecture and design can take advantage of Starwood and incorporate its colours and designs in their projects. Likewise, they can use our showroom as a source of ideas, since it contains a variety of settings featuring products from the Starwood range.

We still have many more countries to visit but we have no desire to rest because we want our woods to reach all four corners of the Earth. Our next plane will be taking us to the United Kingdom.

Starwood makes its début in the French capital during the Paris Design Week

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The world’s most popular tourist destination, the city of light and the capital of a country with one of the planet’s leading economies: this is the latest venue for the presentation of the Starwood range. Yesterday, on September 7th, a magnificent launch was held at our emblematic store in the centre of Paris to offer over 400 well-known architects, designers and interior architects a presentation of our history and bid to produce a product that encapsulates all the beauty of fine wood.

An exclusive environment

The showroom was decorated in the range’s different shades to show the guests the differences between them and potential contrasts that can be achieved by combining them. On the main floor, Tanzania Taupe field tiles were used as flooring and the Ice décor for the main table to make an impact on everyone as they entered.

To create contrasts, display panels were also added featuring the Moka Minnesota model and different décors. Ice’s parallel lines, Desert’s surface and Eden’s herringbone design impressed all the guests, because Starwood looks and feels just like real wood. To round it all off, Noa was used as a wall covering at the end of the showroom in a shade of Minnesota Ash.

Several of Starwood’s models can be used on both walls and floors to create unique stylish settings with an attractive warm wood appearance.

Warm restful settings

For the ground floor, Tanzania Almond was used as flooring throughout to create a warm, spacious feel. There were also display panels featuring all the available wood shades so that the guests could compare them.

Thanks to all those present at the event, the presentation turned into a get-together and opportunity to exchange ideas while sipping one of the cocktails that had been mixed for the occasion. There was live music to provide entertainment at an event aimed at presenting Starwood to our most faithful clients and to leading professionals in the Paris area so that those in search of a carefully crafted product conspicuous for its timeless beauty can now incorporate it in their projects.

The date of the event was carefully chosen to coincide with the Paris Design Week, an opportunity that we could not miss out on to showcase a product that symbolizes the innovation, technology, quality and elegance that we strive to achieve, because Starwood is also synonymous with design.

How to keep your Starwood flooring in pristine condition

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The condition of your flooring says a lot about you and your home. At STARWOOD we use all the most innovative advances to produce flooring that is both hard-wearing and easy to clean, and which can be kept in perfect condition despite the passage of time. Our flooring is also tough, waterproof and non-porous to resist the absorption of potential stains or imperfections.


Maintenance is very simple. Regular cleaning by washing with water or a mild detergent solution is enough to bring the flooring or wall tiles back to their original state. Don’t forget to pay attention to cleaning the grouting, which is the most sensitive part.

Here are our six tips for keeping your floors and walls in a perfect condition:

  1. Do not use acidic products on recently laid floors because the acid reacts with non-cured cement and can damage the grouting. For this reason, we recommend you use non-abrasive, neutral products.
  2. Wash the surfaces or flooring with water to dilute the cleaning product and avoid the possible absorption of chemical agents. Rinse thoroughly afterwards to remove any chemical residue that might damage the grouting material.
  3. Avoid abrasions, scratches, knocks or any products that might scratch or damage the walls or flooring. Try to avoid causing impacts from falling objects; put felt pads on the bottom of furniture that comes into contact with the floor, and prevent sand and gravel from getting into the house.
  4. Bear in mind the characteristics and specifications of the flooring as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  5. Avoid the appearance of stains by applying a waterproofing or protective product for non-porous surfaces.
  6. Whenever you are going to use a special cleaning or maintenance product, we recommend you do a patch test on a less visible part of the surface to make sure the product is not abrasive or damaging.

By following these tips you can keep your Starwood floors and walls as pristine as the day they were laid, and enjoy them in perfect condition for many years to come.