Mixtures of lines need not be chaotic if they are carefully combined to convey a sense of stylish design appeal. Noa is good proof of this, with bands of straight lines that run under one another in different directions, with striking end results conceived to draw all eyes. The décors can be combined in different ways to create varying patterns.


Craftsmen pay attention to even the tiniest of details – a philosophy that has also been applied to Desert. To create its strongly textured surface, lots of tiny squares were combined, symbolic of the importance of innovation and renewal. A décor conceived to add a striking touch to settings.


Eden symbolizes an onward approach, constant efforts to progress and a desire to create a product that is a cut above all the rest – looking forward into the future at all times, in all senses of the word. Eden signals the way in the struggle to improve and to excel.


Novelty, precision and linearity. These three concepts sum up Starwood’s Ice model, conspicuous for its harmonious design, made up of parallel straight lines that convey a sensation of organization and attention to detail. Perfect for use in more spacious settings, where it will add a highly distinctive touch.


A small-size design created with painstaking precision and perfect for conferring a sense of personality and character to any space. This sums up the Maia model by Starwood which, thanks to its mini-herringbone relief, can be used in multiple combinations and makes any setting unique. A sense of order and linearity are the defining features in this pattern.